When God says GO.

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.” 

Did you catch that? Leave your homeland and go to a place I’ll show you. God didn’t say, Go to _______. He said, go and then I’ll show you. 

I can relate to Abram right now. God told my family to go. As of matter of fact, He didn’t really give us a choice.

He sold our home. Yep. And it wasn’t on the market. And to make this story even more crazy, God told my husband how much He was going to sell it for and it was the exact number offered. 

God has been teaching us many lessons over the past few months. He has opened our eyes to how He wants to use us individually and as a team. 

He has challenged us to “go” -to leave the comforts of our home, possessions, and the way of life we were living. 

Much like Abram, we are still unsure of where we are going. But we are learning that’s the whole point. If we knew where we were being led, we wouldn’t need to trust him. 


We love our home. It’s our first home. The place we brought our baby girl home. The place we have gone to war for relationships, marriages, and families. The place we battled anxiety and depression. The place we cried, laughed, and dreamed. The place we grew. 

Anything that doesn’t fit in our 28foot camper or a 10X20 storage unit we are selling. We are parking our camper in our friends side yard and seeing where God takes us. 

Some argue that it’s irresponsible. Some ask how we will do this with a one year old. Some shake their heads as if we have lost our minds. Some may not voice their fears, but its written all over their faces. 

My question to them…. if God called you to go, would you?

Matter of fact, God IS calling all of us to go. Yes, it may look different than the way He’s calling my family… but are you obeying Him?

Fear is paralyzing. When you are paralyzed, you don’t move.

We are choosing to accept the call to go, bring our children with us on the wild ride, seek adventure, seek people, seek His Kingdom and go in expectation that God will tell us where He wants us to go. 

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