Titus Tea Time Time

Titus Tea Time with Alley & Amanda

We will discuss our relationships with our husbands, friends, children and of course, The Lord!
Titus chapter 2 instructs women how to do that biblically. It says, “Older women, teach the younger women to
Love your husband
Love your children
Be self controlled
Have pure thoughts
Care for your home
Be kind and submissive.”

So while we reach out to professionals, friends, and share our personal experiences, we will be going straight to the Word for our answers. Email us your questions at livingoutloudtoday@gmail.com so we can help you find the answers.

We hope you will make some tea, invite the women in your life over, and talk about what God is doing in each of your lives and how you can teach one another!

Remember, this is one of God’s commands

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