Special Guest #82- Hayden Walker

Hayden Walker is a Bible teacher who is passionate about making Scripture accessible for people. She received her Master of Divinity degree at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. Hayden has served on staff at churches in Arkansas and Alabama, and currently works for the Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute and is a contributing author in the forthcoming book, Triumph from Tragedy. She and her husband, Cody, have three children, Rhett, Harrison and Zoe Karis, who now lives in heaven.

Questions we discuss during our chat:

1. How did Zoe’s life and death shape your faith? What big questions did you wrestle through? (I’m thinking here about big questions of suffering, the nearness of God, even what it is like to “suffer in a fishbowl”…as a minister on church staff going through deep trauma)
2. What Scripture were you drawn to during that time? Which characteristics of God became most dear?
3. What have the different seasons of your grief been like? (I’d like to talk about the shock of diagnosis, period of illness, death, and 5 years of bereavement…and how grief remains but changes)
4. What are some helpful things that were done for you and Cody when Zoe died? How can listeners support those who have lost a child?
5. What do you hope a listener hears from you when you tell your story?

Check out Hayden’s blog here.

Listen here- https://anchor.fm/livingoutloudtoday/embed/episodes/Special-Guest-82–Hayden-Walker-e1blmh8

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