Special Guest #80- Jill Dasher

Jill Dasher is the author of the brand new book SHALLOW, drowning in the shallow end of people‚Äôs approval. She is a blogger and Christian speaker who is passionate about sharing the freedom that exists when you refuse to live in hiding & freely submit all of your fears, flaws, & failures to the God who made you. She resides in the mountains of NC with her husband and five children. 

Questions we discuss during our chat with Jill:

  1. Why did you write the book “Shallow” & how do you hope it impacts those that read it?

2. Do you have a favorite chapter?

3. There is a good bit about your marriage in this book as well, you spoke about hitting a wall in your marriage. Could you discuss that a little bit and maybe give some advice to any listeners who may feel as though they have hit a wall as well?

4. In the chapter titled Shallow Image you discuss self-confidence vs biblical confidence. Why are we obsessed with self-confidence?

5. You end the book by inviting the reader into the deep. Inviting them to the throne room of the king & asking  him to shed light into our hiding places. What advice would you give someone who wants desperately to come out of hiding, but is afraid? Scripture reference-Revelation 3:20

Favorite quote by Jill: “Sometimes God fights for us by showing us the error in our own hearts!”- Jill Dasher

Visit her website here. Buy her book here.

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