Special Guest #78- Colleen Searcy

I love algebra. And I love to cook. If you follow the steps in algebra, you get the right answer. If you follow the recipe for chocolate cake, the result is chocolate cake. I like when a + b = c.

My childhood was filled with a lot of love and a lot of Bible stories.  We were in church every Sunday, and I soaked in the stories of Joseph, Sarah, and Moses.  I wanted to do life correctly like these heroes of the faith.  Because of my tendency toward formulaic thinking, my naive childhood observation was that Christianity was a formula that worked.  In other words, if I do a and b, I’ll get c as a result.

Two unsound formulas unintentionally developed in my mind as I grew up:

  • do right things + believe the Bible = a good life without struggles
  • do bad things + disregard the Bible = a difficult life with a lot of struggles

I entered into my late 20’s having followed the rules. I thought I had done right things and believed the Bible, but a + b was not delivering c. Instead I was getting x, an unknown and unwelcome result of difficulty.  Oh, the hours I spent trying to figure out what I was not doing right!  Was I messing up a or b?

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Questions we explore during our chat:

1. What is inspiring you right now?

2. What are you passionate about in this season of life?

3. What is your current project?

4. What would you tell yourself 15 years ago?

5. What speaking topics do you get most excited about?

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