Special Guest #77- Ken Freeman

With the ability to connect to people of any age group, culture, or background, evangelist Ken Freeman lives with a passion to bring people to know Christ and to make a deeper, more intimate, commitment to Him. Ken has been blessed with a beautiful wife, Debbie, two beautiful children, and eight beautiful grandchildren.  He has a passion for his ministry and he’s had an enormous amount of opportunities to do what he loves most, lead people to Christ. God has blessed Ken as he has been in the ministry for over 30 years, serving as a youth leader for about 12 years, and an evangelist for well over 25 years.   He has seen over 200,000 decisions for Christ, one of which was his own father, been in over 3000 churches, written two books, and built a ministry around this one choice to accept Christ.

The son of an alcoholic mother and an absentee father, Ken’s life was filled with abuse and neglect.  Often times he and his sister would be left for days while his mother satisfied her addiction to alcohol and possible other drugs.  Other times she’d leave them with a boyfriend who would physically and sexually abuse them.  There were times he thought about suicide.  Other times he thought about murder.  His life seemed out of control.  Ken spent his life running, trying to survive.  He was bitter, hurt, and alone. Despite a horrifying childhood, Ken defied all odds with one choice that would change his life forever, his decision to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  With that one choice Ken’s years of mental and physical abuse turned from a useless mess, to a powerful message.

Small Talk with Alley & Amanda:
-Random questions for a laugh
-Favorite things

Questions we explore during our chat:

  1. If anyone had a reason to not want to forgive , it would be you. How did you come to forgiveness? 

2. You have known a lot of suffering in your life with your story, your grandson’s passing & grandson’s accident, what is the biggest thing God has taught you?

3. You & Debbie have been married for 49 yrs? With your traveling schedule, etc, How are you intentional with your wife & marriage? 

4. Your story connects with all ages and you have  a special gift at communicating. You speak to adults & students. Just a few months ago at age 69 you spoke at my Regents School of Oxford & a highschool girl told me “ He just knows how to talk on our level”. It’s truly amazing to be 69 yrs old and connect with high schoolers like that. Do you plan on ever retiring? 

5. Where can our listeners follow & support your ministry , get your books & go to book you to speak at their church, school or event? 

Check out his website here.

Follow him on social media here.

Book here.

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