Special Guest #47- Stephanie Payne

Stephanie is the wife of Tim and the mother of Savannah and Isabella.  Quite frankly, She has enjoyed a “comfortable” and “safe” life.  All of her family and friends were healthy and comfortable, as well. In what seemed to be an instant…this changed.  Her Alive 2 Thrive evolved as a response to personal and spiritual situations experienced in a short period of time, just a little over 3 months.  These experiences allowed her the opportunity to learn what is truly, TRULY, important in this life that we all live on Earth.  Yes, She’s learned that she can GROW in response to those life-changing situations.  Furthermore, She has learned how to THRIVE after the earth-shattering storm…literally taking one step at a time!  Sometimes, it’s just one breath at a time!

Check out her website-http://imalive2thrive.com

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