Special Guest #46- Shalonda Smith

Shalonda is a wife of 14 years, married to ex-professional Miami Dolphins and Denver Bronco’s football player Sammie Smith and they have three beautiful children. Shalonda and her family moved to Oxford, MS in 2016 when her husband became the Fellowship of Christian of Athletes (FCA) Director of Character and Development for the University of Mississippi football program.

Shalonda grew up in a single parent non-Christian home with mother and two siblings. Her home life was dysfunctional which included the abuse of drugs and alcohol by her mother. Shalonda suffered mental, emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse as yearly as two years old until around the age of seventeen. The summer of Shalonda’s sixth grade year her mother abandoned her and her older sister when she went on a drug binge and never returned. After going from house to house and being homeless for a while Shalonda was finally put into foster care her first year of High School where she would remain until she became eighteen. At the age of nineteen Shalonda surrendered her life to Christ and became a follower of Jesus Christ.

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