Special Guest #36- Natalie Stanfield

Natalie Stanfield lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her husband, Jason, and their two kiddos, Joy and Jon Paul.  Natalie is a former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom.  While she was growing up, Natalie knew nothing of the orphan crisis.  It has only been through her personal journey of faith that she has come to identify with orphans and everyone’s need for a Father.  The desire to instill a lifestyle of generosity within her family and community became a priority.  CARE for AIDS was introduced to her recently through some friends as they talked about their experiences and how they teach their children about loving and serving others.  After praying and talking to other moms with little kids at home, Families for Families was born.  Natalie and her family cling to the verse in 1 John that says we should not love only with words or speech but rather love with actions and in truth!  This is her driving passion behind Families for Families!

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