Special Guest #17- Sarah Deyton

Sarah has been full of joy, beauty, and passion since she was born in Dallas, Texas. Growing up in a Christ centered home led her to desire more than just religion but a relationship with Jesus at a young age. Faith came easy to Sarah as well as communication and influence as she matured.

She ended her bachelors degree at Samford University in 2004 but began her ministry unknowingly upon the abrupt devastation of her dreams. The cancellation of an engagement to the man of her dreams, not prayers, cultivated deep need in her that surfaced many lessons. Through brokenness she was brought to a deeper intimacy of Christ as her Life not just her Savior.

Her life is rooted in Atlanta where she is involved with Passion City Church as well as expressing truth through writing on blogs, speaking when asked and leading a growing group of women ages 18-40 through the stories of the Living Word.


Visit her website-http://establishher.org

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