Seasons of Suffering

No one escapes this life without experiencing heartache. We will all go through seasons of suffering. I do NOT like suffering. Who does?  We can grow in our relationship with God in the easy, fun seasons, but I know for me it’s been the  hard seasons that I have really gotten to know my Father.

In my seasons of suffering, there has been times of desperation for rescue.  I’ve cried out to Him knowing He is was my only Hope. He then truly became my best friend. In my seasons of suffering, There were times I didn’t have control of situations or other’s thoughts or actions. I had to trust & depend on My Lord to fight for me. He then became my warrior & defender. In my seasons of suffering I have had to choose to fix my focus on Jesus’s face not my circumstance. Not easy. Its was a choice that took lots of prayer for strength. He then became my peace & comfort.

When I look back at my seasons of suffering & see how my God has fought for me, it truly gives me confidence & helps me trust that He  is fighting for me now & will in the future. Seasons of suffering are horrible, but are great for reflecting , to remember how our God is faithful! Remembering His faithfulness helps me when I deal with fear.

You may be going through a season of suffering right now. God may be telling you to wait, be still, & to not do what you thought you would do if you were to ever to find yourself in this certain situation. It may seem crazy to others to wait, but you know God is saying ” wait , be still, put your boxing gloves down, I am fighting FOR you.”

It could be quite the opposite, God may be telling you to take action, don’t be scared, I am with you.

All I know is God is faithful, He fights for us,  He is for us.  I know this because through my seasons of sufferings, He is was with me. It makes my seasons of joy that much more joyful!

One of my favorite verses & one I cling to is Exodus 14:1″The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

If you are in a season of suffering, I pray you will cling to this verse. When you have no control, I pray you will imagine your God going to battle for you! Keep praying & trust that Him! He’s got this!

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