“I need help!”

It seems as if my almost two year old little one has a new one liner each week. This week, she keeps repeating, “I need help Momma!” The first time she said it, it caught me off guard. I couldn’t believe she knew how to say that when she really needed help, but sure enough I would round the corner and see her stuck between her play car and the wall or her pretend kitchen knife wrapped up in her shoe string.
Then I realized, she doesn’t hesitate to ask for my help. She knows when she’s stuck, in a bind, or can’t do something on her own, that I’ll come running in every time to help her. There’s not been one time those sweet words from her mouth have caused me frustration. It’s the opposite actually. I’m proud to save her. Proud to be the person she needs to rescue her. Proud that she’s calling my name to step in and fix the problem.
What if we kept the faith of a child? The belief that we have a Father who is waiting to run to us when we call for help. He never hesitates, gets frustrated or annoyed by the binds we get ourselves into.
Jeremiah 29:12 says
“You will call to me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”
Psalms 57:2 says
“I call to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.”
Let’s learn from my little one today and call out to Jesus, “I need help!” and then wait as he comes running to rescue us.


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