I don’t want to be Mary.

Mary sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what Jesus said.

Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.

Mary had no agenda.

Martha only had one agenda.

So why do I want to be Martha? In Luke 10: 38-42, Martha is deemed the bad guy. We see Martha as busy, distracted, frustrated, & prideful. There are a few things we miss when we read these verses that I want to bring to your attention. First of all, this was Martha’s home. She was the hostess. She had invited Jesus and the disciples into her home. Mary, her sister, was an attendee. Martha was responsible for preparing the meal, creating a welcoming environment, cleaning the living room, and putting away the dishes. She was BUSY! I can’t blame her.

The problem was Martha’s attitude. Martha wanted to be validated. She desired to be thanked and praised. She said, ” Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself.” In other words, “Jesus, I am busting my booty to make sure everyone is served and the responsibilities are done. Do you see me? Are you noticing what I have done? If my sister would help me, then I could enjoy resting at your feet but I can’t leave the kitchen a disaster or the bread in the oven!”

Oh me, how many times have I prepared a meal, turned on dim lighting, swept the floors spotless, and light candles so my husband would be pleased when He came in from work. I wanted him to feel loved and comforted after a long day. But did I stop to give him a kiss? To say hello sweetheart, glad you’re home. Or how many times have I hosted a party and chose to put the dishes away while everyone gathered in the living room to laugh and share stories? Way. too. many. times..

Do you think if this was Mary’s house it would have been different. Maybe so. Mary would mostly likely be a little more host-like, but I bet much calmer. She seems pretty laid back, go with the flow, and a master at how to live in the present. Which is great, but does she pay her taxes on time? Does she burn the bread because she forgot it was in there? Maybe se. HA!

But I AM NOT A MARY. Do I want to relate to her? Yes. But do I? No. God gifted me with different talents. He has made me to perform. To do. To be efficient. To serve. To organize. To multi-task. To handle the budget. To menu plan. To clean.

Regardless, it is clear Mary and Martha have to personality types. I am more like Martha. I get her. I see myself in her. But I want to LEARN from her. I want to “do” out of a place of love and overflow. Not out of a place of pride, distraction, or need for validation.

Are you a Martha? Don’t be ashamed. She is ROCKSTAR. We can be proud to relate to her.

Lets just take John Crist’s advice and #checkourhearts.



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