“I Could Never Be Mom”

“I could never be mom.”

I heard my husband say as I walked to my room to hop in the shower. I paused out of curiosity, “why?” He replied, “I love playing on the floor with her but I just couldn’t do that constant clingy- ness.”

I laughed and said, “Well, I guess that’s why God made you a Dad!”

As I got in the shower, I thought about my baby girls need for her momma. Especially today after being told she has RSV. She doesn’t feel like herself and the only thing that pleases her is to be in my arms.

I’m her comfort. I’m her peace. I’m her safe place.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt needed. Wanted. I could provide my baby with everything she needed. No one could replace me. I felt my heart soar and my pride soar even more. Then I felt the nudge. The still small voice whisper, “and it’s your responsibility to teach her where she can find eternal comfort. Everlasting peace.”

I was immediately humbled. Reminded of my job as her mother. I am to teach her how to trust me, so she can ultimately trust her Heavenly Father. I am responsible for holding her close, all while preparing to let her go. One day, she will be out from under my wing.

I want to teach her that the wings of our Father are far more trusting, comforting, and peaceful.

But again I’m reminded, it begins with me.

“How priceless your faithful love is, God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.”Psalms 36:7



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