Go Buy Some Milk.

I was exhausted. It was way past her nap time and she was irritable. I decided to keep her in the carseat in hopes of going to sleep so this Dollar Store trip could be peaceful. Only problem, her carseat took up most of the buggy. I didn’t have time to re-think my decision so I chose to go with it. The packing began. I had a lot to buy so I just packed it in every crevice I could find. I’ll admit, I even started stacking my boxed goods on top of her lap. It distracted her and gave me some space. This was the second night in our camper and we needed supplies, water, & food. I wanted to make it feel like home. I was insistent on making it comfortable, livable. My husband was busy getting the rest of our stuff moved out of the old house and my task was the store with a cranky infant. The store was pretty empty and I quickly moved through each aisle looking for items I thought we would need for this new venture. After thirty minutes and a full cart of stuff stacked on my kiddo, I walked up to check out. After the cashier bagged my items, I quickly realized I would need another cart to put my items in. I had to think quickly, there was another customer behind me. I ran to the front, grabbed an empty cart and started loading my bags in it. After fumbling to pay, I grabbed my girl in one arm and started to push the cart of items to the side leaving my other empty cart at check out. The sweet cashier asked if I needed help, but I kindly said, “I got it, thanks!” I could have used the help for sure but knew she needed to help the man behind me. I went back for the empty cart to move it out of the way when I heard a gentle voice say, “You look really familiar.” The softness in his tone broke me out of my craziness. I stopped and looked at him. I did recognize him but couldn’t figure out how. Then, he walked towards my cart full of groceries and began pushing it towards the door. I followed beside him. Relieved. Thankful. My arms were tired. I needed help. He helped unload all my groceries into the truck. Once it was loaded, I told him thank you so much and started to get in my vehicle. I heard him say, Hey! Did you grab my milk?” I had loaded his milk into my car. Embarrassed, I jumped out and rummaged through the bags to find his a gallon of milk.

Did he come to the store to buy a gallon of milk? Yes, I’m sure he needed it. But, I believe God sent him there to help me. I wouldn’t have asked for help. In fact, I turned it down moments before.

But this man, he didn’t ASK. He just DID. He saw a need and met it.

If he would have asked if he could help me, I probably would have turned him down as well. I didn’t want to be a burden. However, his actions didn’t give me a choice to turn him down and for that, I am so grateful.

When you see a need, don’t ask if you can help… Just do it.

Buy a gallon of milk.




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