Our Story

On Oct 2014, Amanda felt God put the word podcast on her heart. This vision was to encourage women in their faith, as wives, as moms, in their career, etc. Her response was,  “Me? really? I do not know how or what to do to start that.” She didn’t share this with anyone. She kept praying about it every time God brought it to her mind & heart. Amanda and Alley soon met & their friendship grew  quickly. They learned they had a huge passion to encourage women in their faith. One day mid April, Amanda woke up with the podcast & Alley on her mind. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. She asked God “Is Alley suppose to do this with me?”  She immediately shared her vision with Alley.

Meanwhile, they were helping prepare for The Orchard’s Women’s gathering for May. At the end of that women’s conference they were all challenged to write on a stone a “step of faith” God was calling them to take. Alley & Amanda were talking after the conference & shared that we had both written “podcast” on their stones. They did not want to write it down at the time, but knew God was calling them to take that step of faith. The scripture Joshua 1:3 ( “I will give you a place for every step you set your foot, just as I did Moses”. ) became so alive in God guiding their steps. They said “Yes! We  do not know what to do, but YES, we say yes to you Lord!”

The next day, God gave Alley the name ” Living Out Loud”. They knew God had given them the two words “Transparent & Encourage.” That week God opened more doors confirming that this was His will and gave them a platform through a local website HottyToddy.com. God began to reveal that this podcast was to be a platform for women to be able to share their stories. God saw two women who had passions for Him and for women, heard their prayers and so sweetly brought them together to glorify Him.