Special Guest #92- Amanda Clement

Amanda is originally from Kingwood, Texas. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 2009, receiving a bachelors in interdisciplinary studies. Upon graduating, she taught kindergarten at Brazos Christian School, a private Christian school near A&M. A teaching colleague introduced her to her future husband, Mike, who was the volunteer assistant baseball coach at Texas A&M. In the summer of 2012, soon after their engagement, he was offered an assistant coaching position at Kansas State as their hitting coach. Once married, she joined Mike in Manhattan, where they spent two seasons enjoying life as newly weds and experiencing a part of the country that offered four true seasons, unlike her experiences in Texas! In the summer of 2014, Mike was offered the position as hitting coach at Ole Miss and they have lived in Oxford ever since.

Here’s an intro to her story! “At the age of seven, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, at 15 I added Polyscistic Ovarian Syndrome to my “health resume.” PCOS “gifted” me the introduction to the world of infertility. After several years of unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant, Mike and I felt called to pursue adoption. We gave the adoption process a hearty effort and battled through three unsuccessful matches. After the third failed adoption, we decided to start over with my original doctor in New Albany. After five years and countless attempts to conceive with the assistance of fertility medicine and IUIs, God finally answered our prayers and we were blessed with a healthy son, Cooper. He is now three and a half and serves as a daily reminder of God’s miracle-working, faithful character! After a shorter stint through unsuccessful attempts to conceive once more, I was introduced to a doctor at Memphis Fertility Associates. After much prayer and pleading with God to make His will known to us, we underwent IVF, and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with our daughter! One of my greatest joys in life is having the opportunity to be a stay at home wife/mom and serve our family as a homemaker. In my “spare” time, I serve as a group leader for Explorers Bible Study and serve in the nursery at Pine Lake Church.”

Questions we discuss in our chat:

  1. In what ways have you experienced God’s presence in your recent experience with infertility?

2. Between the baseball season and trying to get pregnant, it seems as if you have had some highs and lows. How have they been similar and what can you share on what you’ve learned?

3. We have talked a lot about your journey with IVF. Do you mind sharing the process you went through with adoption and your experiences with that season of life?

4. What advice or words of hope you would like to share for others struggling with infertility, or just tough seasons of life in general?


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