Special Guest #86- Rachel Setliffe

Rachel is the founder of Restored Home, a new ministry for abandoned wives and the Church who wants to love her well. She is a missionary in Scotland and works as a women’s ministry director at a church she helped plant in Glasgow in 2013. She spends her days discipling women, writing, teaching bible studies and creating content and resources for abandoned women and the church. Most importantly, she is Mum to Ava (15) & Jane (13)–the two best girls in the world. You can learn more about Restored Home at www.restoredhome.org or on Instagram at @restored_home and on Facebook here.

Questions we discuss during out chat:

  1. Can you share a bit about what the last 10 years have looked like?
  2. What role has forgiveness played in your life? 
  3. How have sorrow and suffering become your friends? 
  4. Why did you found Restored Home?
  5. Why is perspective such an important part of your healing journey? Scripture reference: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
  6. How has studying and praying the names of God changed you?
  7. Where can we find more about Restored Home? 


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