Special Guest #81-Terri Earls

Terri Earls is a wife, mom and Co-founder of  Marriage DNA and Vow to Laugh. She was born in the ‘village” of Carson,VA on her family’s 100 year old farm. She enjoys researching her family’s history and spending time with her husband, Comedian Jason Earls and their six children, Aaron,Alexandria,Alicia,Andrew,Achim(a-keem) and Aniyah. She has had the pleasure of living from coast to coast, experiencing God faithfulness in each city along the way. Her life experiences has developed her heart of true worship.
 But most importantly she is a daughter of the Most High and that is the title she holds the dearest.

Questions we discuss in our chat with Terri:

1. What is life like with a family of 8?
2. How is it being the wife of a traveling comedian?
3. Why did you and your husband decide to homeschool?
4. Tell us about the marriage ministry you and your husband started. “Marriage DNA “ and “Vow to Laugh”
5. What’s next?

Check out their facebook for Marriage DNA here or website here.

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