Special Guest #76- Bri Swann

Bri Swann is a Christian social media influencer. Her rawness and vulnerability about healing is echoed in everything she creates in a wide range of avenues including song writing, spoken word poetry, viral TikToks and her new romance novel, April Showers. Her boldness to speak loudly about the Lord’s closeness to the broken hearted has inspired many and continues to reach millions of people across the globe through social media.

Check out her Instagram here.
Check out her Tiktok here.
Check out her book “April Showers” here.

Small Talk with Alley & Amanda:
-AMSR? Do you know what that is?
-How Amanda saved my life

Questions we explore during our chat:

1. What do you do on social media?

2. What inspired you to write your novel, April Showers?

3.You use the phrase “worthy of love” so often. What does that mean to you when the Bible says that we are not worthy of God’s goodness?

4. You just recently released your cover of the #1 song “Drivers License” by you rewrote the lyrics to be from God’s point of view. How did that come about?

5.You speak to such a broad audience of women, from middle schoolers to college students to divorced women who seem to really connect with your messages-why do you think so many women of all ages are able to connect to the messages you preach on?

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