Special Guest #75- Rachel Faulkner Brown & Karen McAdams

What if we told you that you didn’t have to wait to experience life in your Father’s House? We want to invite you to join us for what we believe is the most unique bible study available in years. Hundreds of women have taken the journey with us to Father’s House, the path to the place of knowing that they are lavishly loved daughters. We know that this study is unlike anything that they have ever experienced before, because THEY HAVE TOLD US. Women are encountering Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit in ways that they didn’t even know was possible and their lives are being transformed! Through biblical teaching and unique activations that connect your head to your heart, Father’s House facilitates an experience with Father God that cultivates deeper intimacy and empowers you for a different kind of life – an adventurously expectant life!

We hope that you will join us for an unforgettable journey – your Father is waiting for YOU!

Rachel Faulkner Brown
A girl with a past like your worst nightmare and a present that is pretty darn fun. I
have lived through losing two husbands tragically in an instant. I love marriage so
much that I took a chance on it again and married the most interesting man in the
world who is our rock and our secret weapon on most days. My favorite jobs are
being a wife and being a mom to my two love nuggets, Davis and Campbell. My role
as a mom is the hardest most rewarding thing I have ever done or will do. I love
ministering to women! Whether I’m on the road speaking or through Be Still, I
especially love the women who are the younger version of the girl I once was. You
know the ones, bored Christians who know there has got to be something better,
emotionally bankrupt, broken, and great at hiding. I love freedom more than
anything else on earth and find myself saying at least once a day..it is for FREEDOM
that Christ has set us free. Find more here >>> rachelfaulknerbrown.net.

Karen McAdams
At 17 years old I walked the aisle of the big white church and prayed “the prayer” to
get my golden ticket. But it was another 17 years before I ever heard the Lord speak
to me personally, and when He did I was completely blown away! That day was a
catalyst in my life that undid me in every good way and began my healing journey,
unraveling decades of carrying the heavy burden of shame from childhood trauma.
Now, whether I am teaching bible studies or doing inner healing prayer, I am
passionate about leading women to the Truth that sets them free, empowering them
to lay down the masks and walk in the beauty, power and authority they have as
daughters of the Most High. I am greatly blessed to have three amazing strong men
in my life, my husband Kevin and my sons, Connor and Cade!

Fathers House Study-here.

Find their Bible Study on Right Now Media here.

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