Special Guest #71-Candice Coffey

Candice is a lover of God! She is a wife, mom, and daughter. She was a school teacher for 15 years. She lives a very simple life. Her favorite thing to do is have people over to her house to break bread together and fellowship with one another. Having a community and family of people is one of the most treasured and valued things in her life. Founder of the makeup or beauty line “ Ever Be”.

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Small Talk with Alley & Amanda:
-Lessons from 2020
-Goals for 2021
-Organizing closets
-Our favorite things right now
Dyson Hair Set here.
Allie Beth Stuckey Podcast here
Proverbs 31 Ministries here

Questions we explore during our chat:

1. Where did the idea of EverBe come from?

2. Why do you think it’s so important for beauty to be reclaimed?

3. I love that your makeup package includes an erasable marker, tell us your hopes for that?
Mirror Scriptures here.

4. In your experience what have you learned about the power of “speak it, apply it, be it.?”
Devotional here.

5. How has your life changed since creating this product?

Scripture reference:
Psalm 34-Read here

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