Special Guest #38- Jeff McManus

Yes.. a MAN! This is our first time to feature a man as our special guest but we are excited for you to get to know him.

Jeff McManus grows things.  As the Director of Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi, he grows plants….he grows people….he grows ideas. Jeff is a problem-solver, understanding that doing more with less is a 21st century mandate. After coming to the University in 2000, Jeff took on the challenge of managing a multi-million dollar landscaping beautification implementation project.  Faced with a demand for excellence and high productivity, and a stagnant budget, Jeff knew that growing the people was critical to growing the plants. Through that experience, Jeff developed his approach to managing resources and developing personnel – his GROW-theory; a management and professional development  approach based in the belief that all humans either strive for or have within them the elements of Greatness, Resiliency, Opportunity and Wisdom – they just need a fertile environment to GROW.


Click here to purchase his book- http://jeffmcmanusspeaking.com/book/

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